WWI Doctors from Thames, New Zealand

Full article in The Treasury Journal, in the OUR PEOPLE SECTION.
Click here This includes personal and war history details for each of the men,

Thames doctors who served in World War One were:
AUBIN, Emile Dupont, WWI Serial No. 3/961

BARCLAY, William John, WWI Serial No. 3/1806

CRAIG, George, WWI Serial No. 12/360

DERRICK, Thomas, WWI Serial No. 3/4003

FRASER, Thomas Campbell, WWI Serial No. 3/3956

LAPRAIK, George, WWI Serial No. 3/1440

ROGERS, Reginald James, WWI Serial No. 3/3283

WALSHE Denis Byrne

WATSON, Donald Dr, WWI Serial No. B.R. 37/4803

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